MIRI MANIFESTO                           Date:16-9-2012                                                       Bungsuh Yeo S.H.

Base on the Pan Maturing Process, we know a manipulating system has long existed in Miri, Sarawak, Malaysia and we strongly believe it exists on other localities of human societies.

The manipulating process is regardless of ages, genders and family relationships, and is cruel in mental torturing to the extent of people choosing suicide to end this torturing or succumb to mental crack down into mental wards, which is indiscriminately and illegally applying to the ordinary people of Miri:- The Mirians.

Ordinary Mirians are being unconsciously manipulated or brainwashed and engineered into different categories and classes of people. 

Notably, spy agents, information collectors, pseudo spies and exploit unconscious Mirians to act as coverage as well as human shields as camouflage for these spy agencies to do their secretive duties. 

Miri case:

Why Miri? Place produces Petroleum, strategically to war and “blood” for war machines.

History of Miri spying wars, 

a) World War 2, Japanese occupation.

b) Communist insurgency. 

c) Cold war.  

d) 1980 – till now

Among the spy compartments in Miri, the cruel and strongest compartment is SUPP;

Never one time fight for Sarawakians and Malaysians rights and to the minor scale even local natives’ right and Chinese right.


a)  Formed in 1959, in order to attract left winged ideologists to express their views, and to absorb potential communists. It is from there the manipulating technique is used to systematically exhaust the communist’s resources and gradually manipulated these left wing ideologists became Sarawak loyalists.

b)  A good chance to represent Sarawakians right by forming Joint State Government with SNAP yet did not do so. 

c)  Join BN to ignore the left wings ideologists’ rights.

d)  Annexed Sarawak Chinese Association, and destroy the Chinese rights, no longer has ethnic Chinese political party in Sarawak as if MCA in Peninsular Malaysia.

e) Playing the manipulating strategy to destroy the young SAPO leaders, halted the young generation from western educated Sarawakian loyalists who had gained the momentum to unite Sarawakian rights.

f)  Yet, they claimed themselves to represent Sarawakians and to exploit the manipulating system to stop Federal influence in Sarawak State, where did their guts come from? In technical terms they can over match Federal Authority like Special Branch and Home Affair. Technology so advanced that it is impossible for it to be originated from an island like Borneo and a small town in it like Miri with population of merely 300 thousand.

Despite voices of opposing the above acts from SUPP members, all the crucial decisions at these historical moments; the above events had been made, and these events were aiming for no benefits for Sarawakians and Malaysians rights and to the extent even local natives’ right and Chinese right are not being considered.

Instead, SUPP represents a compartment that is manipulated and controlled by foreign spy agents who wish to keep Federation of Malaysia intact yet maintained a rival situation between Sarawak and Federal Government, so that in any circumstance these foreign agents are able to utilize this rather delicate situation to control their interest in Sarawak, especially the strategically Petroleum in Miri, as well as occasionally in International issues which require Malaysia Federal Government listens to them.

In order to maintain such strength in controlling, SUPP has gone beyond and ignored the Mirians’, Sarawakians’ and Malaysians’ human rights, to the extent they manipulate Mirians, Sarawakians and Malaysians by destroying families through adultery, insulting, defaming, mind controlling through medical techniques, mental cracking till warding and even utilizing 4-6 year old children for their experiments in these advance technologies of neurology and Bioeffects of Selected Non Lethal Weaponry.

Thanks and gratitude to the efforts from all races in Miri, Sarawak and Malaysia, and people from friendly Nations throughout the world, who are making this manifesto possible.

If it happens in Miri, we believe it happens anywhere around the globe, as long as it strategically benefits the machine for war in our mother earth.

Now, we express this manifesto and declaration to strengthen our human right that we have:

1) The right to know who are manipulating us.

2)  The right to know why this manipulation exists.

3)   The right to know how they do the manipulations.

4)   And we demand in UN Human Right Declaration add in these articles:

i)  To prohibit ordinary people being unconsciously manipulated, brainwashed and engineered into different categories and classes of people, to stop the manipulation which only benefit to the manipulating compartments; whether they are local social group compartments, national government bodies or foreign bodies. 

ii)  To prohibit unconscious manipulating, brain wash and secret recruitment of ordinary people through the high technologies of neurology and Bioeffects of Selected Non Lethal Weaponryof which these technologies are used to manipulate ordinary people into the spy agents, information collectors, pseudo spies, terrorists and exploit unconscious ordinary people to act as coverage and human shields as camouflage for these spy agencies or terrorists to do their secretive duties.